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About us..

In an animal's eyes, love is unconditional. Too often their love is taken advantage of, leaving hundreds of animals abused, neglected and discarded. True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission, Inc. is here for those animals to rescue, heal & educate. Because every animal deserves to be loved.

Our first year we were able to rescue and find homes for over six hundred dogs. We received no government subsidies and rely solely on donations and adoption fees and are totally staffed by volunteers.

We are a 501C3 charity registered with the state of Florida. 100% of the funds we receive go toward the care of the rescues. 

At True and Faithful we look at every dog individually. Most of the dogs we rescue have had little or no veterinary care. When they come to our program they are fully vetted including vaccines, surgeries, dental and spay or neuter. No dog is excluded from our program due to age or medical issues.

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