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If you are interested in adopting any of these awesome rescues please download the application and send it in with the name of whomever you are interested in as the subject  of an email or complete the electronic application below. 
We get hundreds of applications , so please follow directions to ensure that yours gets the consideration it deserves.

Adoption Application


Foster Application

Dog Application

Please fill in ALL of the information requested; incomplete applications will be discarded. You must be over the age of 18 years old to submit an application!

It is our policy to make certain that each person who adopts a dog is aware of the responsibilities of pet guardianship, and is capable of and willing to accept those responsibilities morally, physically and financially.

By completing this questionnaire, you will aid us in determining if you and your family are indeed ready for pet guardianship, and if the dog of your interest would suit you and your lifestyle.

Type of home
Own or Rent
If you have a yard:
Do you have a pool?
If yes, is it fenced?
If not a homeowner, do you have the landlord’s permission to have a dog?
Do you currently have a dog?
Have you ever intentionally bred a dog?
Has any member of your family ever experienced animal-related allergies?
Will you be using this vet for your new dog?
If no, do you need a recomendation?
Describe your ideal dog
Energy Level:
Adult Weight:
Gets along with:
What is your primary reason for adopting a dog?
Do you intend to hire a dog walker or take the dog to daycare?
When you are home, where will the dog be?
If the dog will be outside at all, what outside space is available for the dog:
Do you travel a great deal?
Under what circumstances would you not keep the dog?
What would you do if the dog grew to be bigger than you expected?
If the dog becomes ill or injured, are you financially prepared to provide the medical care?
Upload File
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