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If you would like to adopt fill out the paperwork linked in the button above and submit      

Are there adoption events?

We have some, but prefer to do meet and greets with potential adopters. 

What if I want to adopt?

Please let us know and fill out the adoption application ASAP. Foster to adopt is within 72 hours of picking up the dog. Not all dogs are foster to adopt, so please ask!

FAQ's of 


Why isn't that dog on your website yet?

They just arrived and we are still learning their personality.

What are the adoption fees?

Every dog is different, depending on how much vetting they need and where they are located. We follow a similar fee schedule to all other rescues.

If I am interested in a dog, what is the next step?

Please fill out an application at or fill out and email to

Can I meet a dog?

We only set up meetings with approved adopters.


I put in an application, what's next?

We get loads of applications daily, please be patient. We review all applications for the perfect fit. If we think that is you,we will introduce you to the foster family for a meeting with the dog. 

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