• Lisa Letson


Update!! Bernard & Raven ❤️

These two went to the vet last Thursday.... doing bloodwork prior to surgery is always a must .... the bloodwork revealed both have elevated liver enzymes along with elevated WBC so both of they are on Appropriate medications, we will take them back to the vet in 30 days to see how their blood work looks and then hopefully everything will be normal to get their spay and neuter along with they’re dentals done!! They Both had their teeth hand scaled and they are eating so much better !! It’s incredible how loving they are even after being dumped by their former owner ... Raven loves soft blankets and loves her dog bed .... being denied even the basic dog care for years .... these two really are amazing .... how anyone could keep these guys outside is beyond us ! #unconditionallove #mdassurvivor #truefaithfulpetrescuemission #seniorpomeranian

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