• Lisa Letson


Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Freedom rang today for 2 seniors... today !!!! Broward County is overflowing with old souls! Swiss was a volunteer favorite and stayed in the administration hallway.... This precious soul is making her way to one of our amazing fosters Laurie... Laurie has been with our mission for years & does amazing work with our end of life seniors! Swiss spent all of March at Broward with zero interest.. @chimomvet.conan alerts us and 💥 Boom ... plans set & she is out of there!!! Next !!!! Gouda! This senior Pom has a medical list a mile long but that’s ok .... don’t you worry Gouda ... a quick vet checkup and medicine on board for heart & arthritis.... Gouda will stay in Davie until our next trip over & will then head to the ranch ! ❤️❤️Thank you again and again @chimomvet.conan for driving these two and doing exams on your only day off 🙈🐕 and driving all the way to Okeechobee to get Swiss to her foster! Our mission is working around the clock ⏰ to save the old souls of south Florida.... it is never ending .... we are all 100% volunteers... they are completely worth it ❤️.




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