• Lisa Letson

Tyson & April !!❤️

We welcome Tyson & April! These two seniors were deemed hospice & too old to do anything with .... just because of look or age doesn’t necessarily mean they are done and do nothing !!! TFPRM stays in huge vet debt specifically because we do our best with each and every senior !! Quality over quantity.... and doing the right thing by these seniors is what we pride ourselves in !! Tyson went to the vet a few days ago .... he is desperate for a huge dental .... his bloodwork came back with liver values that are extremely high .... he is on appropriate medication for this .... a liver sonogram is scheduled to rule out cancer .... April is headed to the vet in the am to have much needed bloodwork.... it’s suspected with renal failure or diabetes.... donations are needed to save these precious lives .... they have already been discarded once .... it won’t happen again !

PayPal Truefaithfulrescuemission@gmail.com

Venmo TFPRM rescue .


Tyson for his vetting ... sonogram and huge dental ... $1000.00

We will keep everyone posted on April! #dotherightthing #seniordogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #seniordogsrock #seniorpapillon #seniorchihuahua

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