• Lisa Letson

Welcome Missy!!

Missy was found as a stray on the streets of Miami .... when she was brought to our attention... thinking senior with a belly the last thing was assumed was she was pregnant 🙈 again nothing new with Miami adopters , her adopter was a no show and Missy was spayed.... thank goodness she was spayed immediately because she was carrying around a mummified fetus .... who knows how long she has been suffering in silence ! Extremely heartbreaking.... Missy was admitted to the hospital for observation for a few days then will make her way to the ranch .... yes it’s a sad story ... & Missy is depressed.... once she gets to the ranch for golf cart rides and rehab this senior will be smiling in no time! Our mission needs your help for a small addition to our bungalows!!! We will be able to take in more seniors just like Missy & make more of a difference..... .


PayPal Truefaithfulrescuemission@gmail.com

Venmo TFPRM rescue

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